Hello! My name is Ryan Ries. I'm a Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, but this is my personal blog.

None of my software you might find on GitHub, Steam, etc. is endorsed or supported by Microsoft in any way.

At work, I specialize in Windows internals and Active Directory, but I develop everything from video games to business tools.

Check out my latest indie game, L-RACERS!

Check out my YouTube video series in which we program an entire video game from scratch in the C programming language HERE.

Check out Lingering Object Liquidator v2 for Active Directory, which you can read about HERE.

I have been a frequent contributor to the AskDS blog, which is the official Microsoft CSS blog of the Directory Services customer support team.

Finally, there are a few somewhat interesting projects on my GitHub page, such as PassFiltEx, a password filter for Active Directory domain controllers.

Here are some other ways you can find me on the web:
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Github
- YouTube

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